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Purchase the MCEA Document & Online Subscription

The MCEA document is a publication of the Municipal Engineers Association (MEA) and is offered to purchasers and subscribers in three forms:

  1. A print version of the publication which can be ordered online. The latest version is 2015.
  2. An online version that is keyword searchable, offers navigational features, the ability to cut and paste portions of the document into reports, and update notifications by email, is available by annual subscription. MEA members are pre-enrolled.
  3. A free online version for casual users. This version does not have the extended features of the subscription-based service described above.
  Member Non-Member
Mail Order $85 $125
Online Access Free $75 per year

Prices do not include taxes. $12 shipping and $8 handling (plus HST) will be added for each printed manual ordered. Bulk purchasers may save on shipping by providing a collect courier number at checkout.


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$ 125.00 - Manual Mail Order

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