Saturday, October 10, 2015

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Road Diet Clarification

Note New address for sending Part II orders

The Ministry/Minister of Environment and Climate Change

77 Wellesley St West, 11th Floor

Toronto, ON, M7A 2T5

Fax 416 314 8452


Annual Monitoring Program 2014-2015

As a Condition of Approval of the Municipal Class EA, the proponent municipalities, or MEA on their behalf, are required to implement a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Monitoring Program to monitor the use, compliance and effectiveness of the Municipal Class EA on an annual basis. The Annual Monitoring Reports in turn will be used as input to the five year review.

Again this year, the Municipal Engineers Association is asking Municipalities, Government agencies and other stakeholders to provide their input on the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process through a web based survey.    


Recently there has been a number of significant issues raised related to the MCEA as summarized on the attached charts.   However, the current amendment to the MCEA which has been filed is restricted to specific topics (cycling facilities, source water protection etc) and does not address these other issues.     MEA  has recorded the input on other issues and is planning a further comprehensive amendment to the MCEA.    During this process, all of the issues raised, including those identified in this earlier consultation, will be examined.    However, MEA will not be proceeding with this comprehensive amendment until the Ministry takes action on the two most critical issues – Part II Order Requests on pre-approved projects and the timeframe for a decision on Part II Order Requests.  (see the attached letters)  


Please follow this link to provide your input prior to April 17, 2015.     Please provide your input by following the link to the survey.



  Click HERE for access to previous monitoring reports



Public Notice regarding Proposed MCEA amendments for 2014

 The MCEA 5 year review document is available now in the Annual Monitoring Reports Tab.

The Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) process exists because it was originally approved by the Minister of the Environment in 2000. Amendments to what was originally approved have occurred. You can purchase a printed copy, or, if you are a Current Member, you can view it online.

A free non searchable on line version is available HERE

Training & Events

MCEA offers Training Courses to suit your needs.  To find out more, please Click Here

Road Project Cost Limits

The Road Project Tables refer to a Cost Limit in millions of dollars for each schedule, that if not exceeded would categorize a project of that description as being a Schedule A, A+ or possibly a B. If the Capital cost of a project would exceed the Cost Limit, the project would require a designation as a Schedule B
or C, depending on the project description.

For more information, please download the file listed below.

Note, The MTO have not been able to update this cost for 2013 consequently continue to use 2012 costs

2012 Road Project Cost Limits
Copyright 2013 Municipal Class Environmental Assessment